Angelina Jolie rumored to have ‘set her eyes’ on Richard Madden


It was said that Angelina Jolie had a crush on Richard Madden and she was eyeing him throughout their filming days. 

According to the claims, Angelina Jolie had a difficult time after her split from Brad Pitt. However, she is slowly recovering from heartache now after setting her sights on Richard Madden. But then again, this is just a rumor that has no proof to back up the allegation. 

“In early days, Richard is someone Angelina has her eye on,” the source told OK! Magazine. “She thinks he’s incredibly handsome and talented, and she’s excited to see where their friendship goes next.”

The reason for Madden’s casting in The Eternals 

It was also alleged that Madden only got his chance to be in the Marvel film due to his chemistry with Jolie. 

“Richard has pretty much got the part after his screen test went down really well – but it’s all down to the great chemistry he has with Angelina,” the source further told OK

The tipster also alleged that Angelina Jolie has a habit of falling for her co-stars. Thus, she is really happy and excited to film with Richard as they could grow closer on the set as they work. 

Setting the record straight 

As mentioned before, this is just a rumor and Gossip Cop proved that this story is indeed false. 

The publication pointed out that the magazine did not provide evidence to support its claim because there isn’t any. 

Furthermore, Angelina Jolie has always stated that her focus these days is on her children and work. This means that dating is not her priority right now but parenting is. 

“Really I just want to raise my children well, they’re all at those very special ages where you don’t want to miss a moment and just get it right before they’re out in the world on their own and having to face it,” she told The Daily Mail. “You hope you get all the good stuff in, so that’s my main focus.”

Finally, Gossip Cop checked with the actress’ camp to get comments about this story and was told that this report is a “work of fiction.” 

This is also not the first time that OK! falsely reported about Angelina Jolie has a new man. The same tabloid previously wrote that she’s secretly dating Colin Ferrell which is not true. 

Featured Image courtesy of Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

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