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Angelina Jolie says she’s boring and only her kids know her


Angelina Jolie shared some details about her and her relationship with her kids in a recent interview following the release of her movie One and Only Ivan.

Angelina Jolie is very proud of her Disney Plus movie One and Only Ivan. In the film, she voiced an elephant named Stella. She also shared that her daughter Shiloh inspired her to take the role.

Angelina Jolie finds herself boring

Angelina Jolie has a lot of things on her plate. Aside from multiple movies, she is also an active ambassador of the United Nations Goodwill. Her efforts have drawn attention to the plight of refugees worldwide.

“I’m pretty much who I am because I don’t know how to be anything else, but if you asked me, ‘Do people really know me?’, I think only my children could explain who I am,” she said as quoted by The Sun.

She also considers herself boring. However, she gets creative when it comes to her kids.

“I feel like I’m really boring. I spend a lot of time studying foreign policy. But I think my creativity is my kids, being with them and making up stories before bed or just being silly with them.”

Shiloh inspired Jolie’s role in Disney Plus movie

Angelina Jolie also shared that Shiloh influenced her in being part of the film One and Only Ivan. The Maleficent star revealed in her previous interview that it was her daughter who first read the book and made her aware of Ivan.

According to Jolie, Shiloh read the book and about Ivan and loved it. The teenager urged Jolie to read it too, and she liked it.

The mother and daughter discussed about the book. Eventually, Jolie started to pursue it and learned that it was already being made into a film. However, at the time, it was still in the works. She scored a role in the film, that’s why she’s voicing the elephant named Stella.

Angelina Jolie’s priority is her family

Angelina Jolie had a happy home six years before her split from Brad Pitt. There was a time she considered quitting her acting career to spend more time with her kids at home.

While Jolie has a huge success in her career, she still doesn’t consider it the most important thing in her life. In 2010, she said she might not do it longer because she had a happy family and wanted to spend more time with them.

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