Angelina Jolie secretly works for the CIA: Rumor

Angelina Jolie secretly works for the CIA: Rumor

Angelina Jolie could, allegedly, work as a spy because of her connections with the CIA.

According to In Touch Weekly, there are even speculations that Angelina Jolie could already be secretly working for the CIA.

Espionage expert Tom Secker believes that Jolie has a long-standing relationship with the CIA.

“Over the last 10 years, especially, she has somewhat inveigled her way into this world of geopolitics and international relations, in a way an intelligence asset would. Exactly the sort of person the CIA would want,” Secker said.

Angelina Jolie asked to take part in a secret mission

In 2017, the tabloid claimed that one of Jolie’s possible assignments was leaked via a series of emails.

According to reports, International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo previously asked Jolie to help honey-trap Ugandan warlord, Joseph Kony.

“The idea was that she would invite him to dinner, lure him in with the possibility of [intimacy], and they would arrest him. That’s not something that most Hollywood celebrities offer to do,” Secker said.

Back then, Jolie, reportedly, urged Ocampo to discuss logistics with her before pushing through with their plan.

“She has a willingness to engage in cover operations. And we know the CIA has had relationships with very public figures in the past. If we’re looking for someone in the present day who fits that profile, Angelina Jolie is the prime candidate,” Secker said.

However, Secker didn’t directly claim that Jolie previously worked as a spy for the CIA as what the tabloid is saying.

Angelina Jolie living a lonely life 

Angelina Jolie living a lonely life

Meanwhile, Life & Style recently claimed that the mom of six is living a very lonely life.

A source told the tabloid that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has also rejected the idea of dating several times.

“She’s been introduced to a few guys and had a handful of dinners. But it never went anywhere. Not that she’s in any rush to put herself out there again. Brad didn’t just break her heart, he shattered it. It’ll take a real leap of faith for her to trust someone again,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Jolie’s life revolves around her children. And most often than not, she takes them shopping and helps with their schoolwork.

“And when she’s not with them, she’s liaising with her legal team about the custody battle, pouring over her options and how to get the upper hand on Brad,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Angelina Jolie doesn’t work for the CIA and she isn’t also living a lonely life.

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