Angelina Jolie talks about women empowerment, worth and value

Fans know Angelina Jolie as an actress, but she’s a humanitarian and advocate, too. Now, Brad Pitt’s former wife wants to empower every woman, saying they should “know their own value.”

In a talk with the former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, moderated by Mika Brzezinski, for the National Democratic Institute, Angelina Jolie talked about women empowerment.

The 45-year-old star believes many factors in society are stopping women from reaching their full potential. So, she sees the importance of learning to appreciate one’s self and what they can do.

Women making a difference

According to Yahoo News, Albright said being able to make a difference in the world of politics, mostly dominated by men, by running for office is a result of empowering women. Women are now part of the decision making, to which Brzezinski agreed.

Brzezinski then said it’s incredible seeing the result of telling women of their value. 

“Women contribute so much, they are giving, are nurturing by nature, are community-building by nature, are strong, are intelligent,” Jolie said. “And yet, what is it that’s holding us back?”

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Women’s worth and value, according to Angelina Jolie 

The actress then talked about women’s worth and value.

“I think when you speak of value, that’s something to really sit with,” she continued. “Why is it that so many women still don’t know their own value?”

Jolie wants everyone to “listen to and act on” issues about women. 

“What is it that’s been done to us, whether it be the rapes and the lack of accountability for the rape, whether it be domestic violence,” she added. “This question where we still, we still are saying, ‘Please stop hurting me,’ and ‘Please hold someone to account if they hurt me.’ “

As a humanitarian, the Maleficent star is still hoping that society will be changing for the better. She strongly believes in “humanity” and even has high hopes for it. 

“I think we really can’t afford not to have hope,” she explained. “As long as people are aware of how to help and what to do, they will.”

A true definition of an advocate

Borgen Magazine described Jolie as the true definition of being an advocate. She’s taking high measures to help children in developing countries.

She even launched the Global Action for Children (GAC) Program to support the orphans in third world nations, mainly to let them have primary education. The United States helps to fund this cause, along with other donations and contributions.

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