Angelina Jolie trending on Twitter, old photos and videos resurface

Angelina Jolie trending on Twitter, old photos and videos resurface

Angelina Jolie is trending on Twitter with netizens sharing old photos and videos while praising her charity works and beauty.

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, and no one would argue on that. Several fans are bringing back her old photos and videos on Twitter to show off her beauty inside and out.

Angelina Jolie trending on Twitter

Angelina Jolie has the looks and talent. No wonder many have been following her career. Her fans praise her for her charity works and look. They also make her a trending topic on the microblogging site with the hashtag #AngelinaJolie.

“#AngelinaJolie devotes 1/3 of her income to charity. She does a wonderful job helping people with her humanitarian work. She is such a caring person,” @SweetGal42 wrote.

“I always thought of her as a very interesting, a very good actress. In recent years of course she’s had so much publicity being on the cover of every possible publication on the world, you all of a sudden take [her talent] for granted,- #ClintEastwood on #AngelinaJolie,” another added.

“We often don’t believe survivors, we don’t put the rights of children first or take their trauma seriously. Our child-protection services are not adequately resourced and funded – #AngelinaJolie,” another user share while quoting Jolie’s statement about protecting children.


Jolie’s Oscars 2012 moment resurfaces

Just recently, Angelina Jolie’s infamous fashion moment at the Oscars 2012 also resurfaced. A fan shared the video on Twitter, and it went viral, with many still furious at the Jim Rash.

The clip showed Jolie presenting an award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Jolie was so comfortable with her dress that she struck a pose showing off her legs in her black gown with a thigh-high slit before announcing the winners.

However, comedian Jim Nash mimicked her pose when he received the award on stage. His two other companions Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon followed suit. The trio meant it as a joke. However, many of the audience were furious because it appeared to them that they were mocking Angelina Jolie.

“Angelina Jolie did not bother to present an award only for the winners to mock her pose, men are embarrassing,” the netizen who shared the video wrote.


Jim Rash explained the incident

Jim Nash denied that he was mocking Angelina Jolie by copying his pose. The comedian insisted that it was a tribute and not mockery.

“I just saw her pose and I thought, you know what, we have exactly the same legs. And I wanted to show everyone what it meant. It was a loving tribute,” Rash explained.

“It was more like, oh, she’s standing, great, I’m going to stand like that, too.”

Image used courtesy of Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

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