Angelina Jolie unlikely to overturn joint custody with Brad Pitt: report

Angelina Jolie unlikely to overturn joint custody with Brad Pitt: report

Angelina Jolie might not be able to overturn the judge’s tentative decision to grant Brad Pitt joint custody, a report says.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separated in 2016, and since then, they have been in a legal battle. Last month, Judge John Ouderkirk made a tentative decision granting Brad Pitt joint custody to their five children. Jolie might have a hard time overturning that, according to a report.

Angelina Jolie unlikely to win on appeal

Brad Pitt won over Angelina Jolie when the judge granted him joint custody in his tentative ruling. However, Michael Stutman, celebrity divorce attorney, felt that Jolie’s chances of reversing the decision are very low.

“The burden for someone who is appealing the finding of the trial judge is really high, because the appellate courts don’t want to sit as trial judges, and to determine facts,” Stutman told Hollywood Life.

“Appeals are not typical, a very small portion of trial court decisions after hearings are appealed, just because the odds of winning are very small.”

Kelly Change Rickert, Los Angeles-based family lawyer, shares the same opinion as Stutman.

“It’s very unlikely that she’ll win on appeal,” she said.

Why kids were not allowed to testify

Angelina Jolie offered to have her six children testify to support her claim against Pitt. However, the judge denied her request. 

According to Stutman, the judge may have decided that way because the benefit of hearing them speak does not outweigh the burden of involving them in the trial.

The divorce lawyer said he has friends who are already 50s and 60s and were involved in their parents’ custody battles. According to him, they could still remember what the courthouse looked, and what everybody else said at the time because the experience was very impactful for them and it was a “terrible thing.”

According to Rickert, people do not want to involve kids. After all, it is not their divorce against their father.

Brad and Angelina Jolie after the judge’s tentative decision

Brad Pitt was reportedly over the moon with the judge’s decision. He only wanted a fair shot with his kids and he felt that it was given to him. All he wanted was to have a fresh start with his children.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie celebrated his 46th birthday earlier this month. Her kids surprised her with a dinner celebration at the Los Angeles restaurant TAO. The following day, they flew to New York City.

They reportedly visited museums and had dinner with each other throughout the trip. The family had a nice time in the Big Apple, a source told People.


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