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Angelina Jolie using Brad Pitt’s ‘drunken joyride’ for custody battle debunked


Angelina Jolie allegedly planned to leak a video of Brad Pitt’s “drunken joyride” video to win the custody battle over their children.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their separation in 2016. They were embroiled in a bitter custody battle following their split.

Angelina Jolie wanted to leak Brad Pitt’s drunken video

Angelina Jolie reportedly found an ace against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, when they were still battling their children’s custody.

Star claimed that the Maleficent actress got a hold of Pitt’s video during their flight that led to their divorce.

The clip allegedly featured the Ad Astra actor stumbling out of the jet on a “drunken joyride” in an airport golf cart. She wanted to use it against Pitt.

Angie sees this as her ace in the hole. Ever since she saw the video, Angie has been up all night plotting, talking to her lawyers and taking notes,” the source said.

She is fully prepared to leak the video to news media to get what she wants… If this video becomes public, it would crush him. But Angie is so fixated on winning this court battle, she doesn’t care.

Jolie worried about Pitt using her video engaging in drug use

Another tabloid claimed that Angelina Jolie was concerned that Brad Pitt would use footage featuring her supposedly using drugs.

Franklin Meyer, who claimed to be Jolie’s former drug dealer, was reportedly planning to release additional videos of her to lose custody battle with Pitt.

“Having Franklin rear his ugly head again with threats to release more sordid details of her past is the absolute last thing Ange needs right now,” the so-called source said.

Pitt and Jolie’s scandalous footage debunked

Gossip Cop debunked both rumors. Brad Pitt’s drunken video never existed. If it does, then Jolie would have used it for sole custody over their six children.

However, on the contrary, Pitt received more custody and time with his children. In fact, the kids regularly see him even during the lockdown.

Also, Pitt has already planned Shiloh’s 14th birthday. He wanted all of his other children to be present for the celebration.

Meanwhile, Franklin Meyer already released Jolie’s video high on drugs decades ago. The Eternal star has already stopped using drugs. Furthermore, she has been very opened about that part of her life.

The rumor-debunking site concluded that the claims were shady and were only exploiting old reports about the exes. Jolie and Pitt had already agreed for their kids’ custody in 2018, and they are doing better in terms of co-parenting.

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