Angelina Jolie using voodoo vengeance, spells and potions against Brad Pitt?


Angelina Jolie is, allegedly, using the dark power to take her revenge against her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt didn’t have an amicable split. When they parted ways, the Maleficent star even applied for sole custody over their six kids.

One outlet claimed that Jolie turned to voodoo powers to get back with her ex-husband. However, one should take the report with a grain of salt because there are no pieces of evidence to support it.

Angelina Jolie allegedly turned to voodoo vengeance

RadarOnline called Angelina Jolie a “witchy-wife.” It also claimed that she was “interested in witchcraft and voodoo for years.”

Jolie was reportedly using it to take her vengeance against Pitt. The latter was allegedly “freaking out” after learning that she was casting chilling voodoo spells to ruin his life.

“Now Brad’s terrified she’ll start using powerful spells and potions against him,” the unnamed source said.

“He thinks she’s out to make his life a misery and destroy him.”

Jolie made Brad Pitt’s life a living hell

The so-called insider also alleged that Angelina Jolie made Brad Pitt’s life a “living hell.” The Salt star blindsided him with divorce papers and child abuse allegations.

The investigation cleared Pitt from the child abuse allegations. However, he allegedly still believed Jolie cursed his movie Allied because it was a flop.

“Angie was intensely jealous of his co-star Marion Cotillard,” the insider added.

The outlet added that the rumors about Jolie casting spells were not far-fetched. There were claims that she “dabbled in the occult.” The insider also mentioned her role as a “vengeful witch” in Maleficent.

“It was a role she was born to play,” the source said.

Jolie witch rumors debunked

However, one should take the report lightly for several reasons.

First, the outlet didn’t provide evidence to support its claim that Angelina Jolie was using witchcraft.

Second, Jolie is a good actress. Her role in Maleficent doesn’t necessarily mean it has something to do with her doing spells.

In an op-ed for Elle magazine, Jolie once talked about women being accused of witchcraft for being strong and independent.

“Bring together a group of strong women, and before too long someone will brand them a ‘coven’ — the technical term, to be clear, for a gathering of witches meeting at night to consort with the devil. Women who stand up for human rights in many countries are still labelled ‘deviant,’ ‘bad mothers,’ ‘difficult’ or ‘loose,'” she wrote.

“Women could be accused of witchcraft for having an independent sex life, for speaking their mind on politics or religion, or for dressing differently. Had I lived in earlier times, I could have been burnt at the stake many times over for simply being myself.”

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