Angelina Jolie wants to protect daughter Zahara from ‘intolerable’ system

Angelina Jolie wants to protect daughter Zahara from ‘intolerable’ system

Angelina Jolie speaks about racism and the system in the country that might not protect her black daughter, Zahara.

Angelina Jolie has six children, and one of them is black. She adopted Zahara in Ethiopia when she was just six months old. At present, the world is fighting for the black community’s justice and equality, so the Maleficent star spoke up.

Angelina Jolie on racism and system in the U.S.

Angelina Jolie, a humanitarian and a UN special envoy, is dedicated to protecting the children’s rights, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, in a recent interview, she admitted that her focus shifted. The ongoing protests made her think about the pressing problems in the U.S. system – racism.

The Maleficent star confessed that the current system is friendly for the white Americans like her, but it may not be safe for her eldest daughter Zahara.

“Having six children, I am reminded daily of what is most important. But after almost two decades of international work, this pandemic and this moment in America has made me rethink the needs and suffering within my own country,” Jolie said.

Jolie said that there are over 70 million people who had to leave their homes due to war and persecution. Meanwhile, in the U.S., racism, and discrimination remain a concern.

“A system that protects me but might not protect my daughter – or any other man, woman or child in our country based on skin colour – is intolerable. We need to progress beyond sympathy and good intentions to laws and policies that actually address structural racism and impunity.”


Jolie’s ex-husband also supports the black community

Just like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt also supports the black community’s fight for justice and equality. He attended a protest for George Floyd.

According to an insider, the issue is close to his heart due to his daughter, Zahara. Aside from attending protests, Pitt is matching Jennifer Aniston’s charity donation.

The Morning Show actress made a $1 million donation to the Color of Change organization. The group aims to “end practices that unfairly hold black people back.”

An insider claimed that Pitt supported the charity because of Aniston. That’s why he decided to match her donation. The insider even compared their dedication to the black community.

“He went to the protests this week and was at her home the day after. They are both very ­passionate and want to help as much as they can.”


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