Angelina Jolie welcomes 2 new members of the family amid COVID-19 pandemic

Angelina Jolie welcomes 2 new members of the family amid COVID-19 pandemic

Angelina Jolie has added new members of their family amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Angelina Jolie is spending the lockdown with her six children. They also visit and see their dad, Brad Pitt, regularly. According to a new report, the Maleficent star has welcomed two new addition to their family.

Angelina Jolie adds two more members to their family

According to a tabloid, Angelina Jolie has added two new members to their family amid the lockdown. Furthermore, the Eternal star has an emotional attachment to them.

The new additions were two bunnies. Jolie and Brad Pitt’s 11-year-old daughter, Vivienne, lost her bunny during the lockdown. To cheer her up, Jolie got two new ones for her daughter.

“During the lockdown, Vivienne’s bunny passed away during a surgery, and we adopted two sweet little ones who are disabled. They need to be in pairs,” Jolie told Harper’s Bazaar.

“They are so gentle and it has helped to focus on their care with her at this time. And on the dogs, and snake and lizard.”


Jolie speaks about parenting amid the pandemic

Angelina Jolie, as a humanitarian and a UN special envoy, has always cared for kids amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In her recent interview, she shared how she keeps her kids calm at home.

“Like most parents, I focus on staying calm so my children don’t feel anxiety from me on top of all they are worrying about. I put all my energy into them,” she said.

Jolie speaks about racism and the flawed system

Angelina Jolie is aware of the global fight against racism and injustice. The racism issue is something close to her heart because her daughter, Zahara, is black.

Jolie adopted Zahara in Ethiopia when she was just six months old. The celebrity mom is concerned that the current system will protect her but not her daughter, Zahara. Thus, she is calling for change.

“A system that protects me but might not protect my daughter – or any other man, woman or child in our country based on skin colour – is intolerable,” Jolie said.

“We need to progress beyond sympathy and good intentions to laws and policies that actually address structural racism and impunity.”

Brad Pitt also supports the black community. The Ad Astra reportedly matched his ex Jennifer Aniston’s charity donation worth $1 million.

Aniston donated $1 million to the Color of Change organization that aims to “end practices that unfairly hold black people back.”

Image used courtesy of Nicki Swift/YouTube Screenshot

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