Angelina Jolie willing to pay $20M in custody battle against Brad: Rumor

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are most likely paying top dollar to win their ongoing custody battle.

According to National Enquirer, Angelina Jolie and Pitt have already spent over $20 million for their lawyers’ fees, court charges, and arbitration expenses.

Is Angelina Jolie willing to spend more to win custody battle?

However, Jolie is, allegedly, willing to spend so much more if this means she will get full custody of her six children.

“Angie wants what she wants, and she doesn’t care how much it will cost,” the source said.

Angelina Jolie dragging her court battle with Brad Pitt

Jolie recently requested for Judge John W. Ouderkirk to be removed from the case because of his connections with Pitt’s lawyers. However, the tabloid’s source is seemingly siding with Pitt on the issue.

“This is just another way for Angie to drag things out until Brad gives up and she gets her way. This should have been over a long time ago,” the source said.

But just weeks ago, another source told Us Weekly that there are delays in the exes’ court battle because of the coronavirus pandemic. After all, everything has been slowed down because of the deadly virus.

Brangelina's family could end up torn after the judge reaches a decision

Brangelina’s family could end up torn after the judge reaches a decision

National Enquirer has been publishing soap-opera-like stories about Angelina Jolie and Pitt for years. In 2018, the tabloid claimed that the A-listers’ custody battle exploded.

Back then, a source claimed that Jolie is worried about what her ongoing court battle against Pitt would reveal about her.

“Angie fears the court battle will reveal her biggest secret. That she has nothing on Brad. She’s already been painted as the bad guy in this breakup, and she is terrified if she’s further exposed, it could ruin her,” the source said.

The tabloid also claimed that if Pitt and Jolie’s children will be asked to choose which parent they would stay with, their entire family will be divided.

Maddox, 19, will live with Jolie, and his youngest brother, Pax, will go where he goes.

“The younger ones, Viv and Knox, want to live with Angie, and they are at that age where they still need their mom. Zahara is staying put with Angie, too – but Shiloh wants to stay with their dad. She’s always sneaking in calls to him and telling him what’s going on,” the source said.

However, one should take these claims with a grain of salt. Angelina Jolie and Pitt don’t usually talk about their arrangements involving their children in public.

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