Angelina Jolie writing a $5M tell-all about Brad Pitt’s insecurities: Rumor

Angelina Jolie writing a $5M tell-all about Brad Pitt's insecurities: Rumor

Angelina Jolie was allegedly planning a multi-million tell-all book about her life with ex Brad Pitt and his insecurities.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s split wasn’t amicable. Aside from divorce, they fought over their six children’s custody.

One tabloid claimed that the Maleficent star was planning an explosive memoir detailing the “nightmare” when they were still together. However, one should take the report with a grain of salt because there is no evidence supporting the claim.

Angelina Jolie planning an explosive memoir

Angelina Jolie was furious that many found her the wicked witch in her divorce from Brad Pitt. Thus, she wanted to lid off their nightmare marriage, including their sexual threesomes, his boozing, pot-smoking, and violent mood swings.

“All she’s done is try and protect her kids,” one source told Radar Online. She feels she’s been made out to be the bad guy in this whole thing. It’s not right. You can be sure that she will come out smelling like roses in the memoir, while his drinking, smoking and clashes with the kids will be addressed in a very unflattering way.”

The source stressed that Jolie was just desperate to let the world know her side of the story.

“She’s desperate to give her side of things and she’s angry that she’s being painted as some kind of black widow. Writing this memoir may help her get through this.”

Meanwhile, another source alleged that Jolie could make as much as $5 million from the tell-all memoir. However, it wouldn’t come out until after their divorce is finalized.


Angelina could expose Brad’s insecurities

The source added that Angelina Jolie could also disclose Brad Pitt’s insecurities in the book. According to sources, Pitt pressured Jolie to marry him. She had no plans to tie the knot in the first place.

“She never wanted to marry Brad in the first place and hated how he encouraged the kids to put pressure on her to tie the knot,” the source continued.

“His insecurities were also becoming an issue so she gave in, hoping it would stop his jealousy issues. Sadly, it didn’t.”

The source added that even if many considered Brad Pitt a sex symbol, he has some insecurities.

Pitt was allegedly “a very insecure guy, who was constantly paranoid about her cheating and used weed and booze as a crutch for his self-esteem.”

“The problem is that often fueled some of his worst behavior,” the source added.

Jolie’s bisexuality, open marriage and more

The same source added that Jolie could also share her bisexual needs and how they made her feel trapped and depressed.

Besides, the Eternal star could also talk about their alleged “open marriage.” The tabloid claimed that the exes would allegedly bring female models for bedroom games.

The insider added that Jolie could open up about the things she didn’t like about Pitt like his friends. She reportedly disapproved of them because they encouraged him to misbehave.

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