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Angelina Jolie’s kid Shiloh allegedly wants to call Jennifer Aniston ‘mommy’


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh is reportedly close to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and even wants to call her mommy.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are allegedly sharing a close bond. Shiloh asked her dad’s permission to call the Murder Mystery star “mommy.”

Shiloh and Jennifer Aniston’s are fond of each other

A few weeks ago, there were reports claiming that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter was forming a close friendship with the Cake actress.

Shiloh allegedly scored an acting gig in one of Aniston’s upcoming projects. The Maleficent actress was not happy with their closeness, so she banned Aniston from seeing their kids.

However, Shiloh continues hanging out with Aniston. New Idea published a report claiming that Shiloh wanted to call Aniston “mommy.” The teenager reportedly asked her dad if it was okay to address Aniston that way.

“Shiloh has been spending a lot of time with Jen in recent weeks and they really have developed a very special bond now. Shiloh has become the closest to Jen out of all of Brad’s kids,” a so-called insider said.

Jolie’s daughter requested her dad, Brad Pitt, after spending some time with Jennifer Aniston. She felt that they already developed a “very special bond” and would love to level up their closeness by calling her “mommy.”

Angelina Jolie furious over Shiloh’s request

However, the Eternal star was livid after learning about it. Angelina Jolie was allegedly fuming because it was her “worst nightmare.” Her response wasn’t surprising. Many believed that Shiloh’s request would infuriate her.

The unnamed source added that Shiloh loves both of her parents. However, she wants to spend more time with her dad, Pitt, who was rumored to be with Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston and Shiloh’s close bond debunked

One should take the report with a grain of salt for several reasons. First, Aniston and Pitt are not back together, and The Morning Show actress is not seeing his children. Aniston is not playing a maternal figure to Shiloh and his siblings.

Second, it’s old news. This report has been recycled for years.

Third, Pitt and Jolie’s children, including Shiloh, are very close to their mom. It’s unlikely that they would prefer Aniston over Jolie.

“So the notion that she’d [Shiloh] want to refer to Aniston as ‘mommy’ is absurd,” Gossip Cop reported.

Also, Shiloh is still living with her mom. In March, Angelina Jolie took Shilo and Zahara to a movie in Los Angeles. At the time, Shiloh was in crutches because she just went under the knife for hip surgery.

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