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‘Animal Crossing’ balloons give unique items depending on color


Fans are going crazy over Animal Crossing balloons spawning over their islands. These balloons give various items depending on their color.

Just the sight and sound of an Animal Crossing balloon floating around is enough reason for fans to go crazy.

Shooting a balloon down with a slingshot means a new present to display inside the island. These balloons contain completely random items. However, the item players get will depend on what color the balloon is.

Animal Crossing balloon spawn rates

According to Reddit user, glimmiette, balloons constantly spawns on one side of the island for 12 straight hours before switching to the other side.

The data mine shows that the shifting occurs every day at 6AM and 6PM. However, some players reported that they have different spawn times in their area.

Balloons spawn on the fourth and ninth minute of every 10-minute period. This means if a balloon spawns at 1:04, balloons will likely be appearing at the 1:09, 1:14 and 1:19 mark.

This totals to 12 balloons spawning in an hour. However, some data miners discovered that balloons spawn faster by repeatedly visiting the Nook Cranny or engaging in conversations with the villagers.

Signs a balloon is nearby

Running around the island is the best way to check if a balloon has spawned. However, listening to the sound of the game gives players a better chance of finding a balloon.

When a balloon spawns, it is followed by the whistling sound of the wind. Wearing headphones or playing on the TV with a surround sound system boosts the chances of hearing the wind.

The wind seems to go louder depending on the direction of where the balloon is coming from which makes it easier to hunt them down.

Animal Crossing balloon colors

There are only four available balloon colors in the game – red, blue, yellow and green. Depending on these colors, a player can get various items when they successfully hit them with a slingshot.

Yellow balloons would most likely drop Bells and furnitures. Blue balloons tend to drop more crafting materials compared to the others.

For green balloons, there is a higher chance of getting clothes while red balloons drop furnitures more frequently.

However, players who want to do Animal Crossing balloon farming with their friends must remember that balloons never spawn when the island gate is open for online play.

Featured image courtesy of Shacknews/Youtube Screenshot

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