‘Animal Crossing’ fans do these tasks to maximize productivity at night

There are activities in Animal Crossing which can only be done at night. The rarest bug can only be caught after the sun goes down.

Animal Crossing has various unique features that entertain all individuals from all walks of life. However, the most amazing of them is its cohesion to the real-time clock and calendar.

Players who are usually playing during the day must consider themselves lucky. This is because the best parts of the game can be done during the day.

The night is typically quiet with little to do, and the shops are closed too. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean players can’t be productive. There are a lot of nighttime activities for players who enjoy the silence of the night.

Catch Bugs

There are certain bugs that only come out at night in Animal Crossing. One good example is the scorpion, which only comes out between 7 PM to 4 AM. This means the only time players can catch this critter is after the sun has set.

Players who are trying to complete their museum collection should spend some time hunting in the night. Players who are not interested in collecting should still try to hunt during the night since a scorpion sells for 8,000 bells at the Nook Cranny.

Catch Fish

Similar to bugs, there are fish that only appear during the night. Some fish that show up at night are usually rare and can even be seasonal. Seasonal fish such as sharks can only be caught during the summer.

Whether players are hunting fish to add to their museum or just want to sell them, there is something quite relaxing about fishing during the wee hours of the night.

Look for Wisp

Wisp is a ghost who shows up on the island during the night. He gets surprised very easily, and talking to him will break his spirit into five pieces.

The ghost will ask players to look for his spirits, which are scattered all over the island. After returning them to him, he will give players an expensive or rare item, depending on their choice.

However, the ghost won’t appear every night, so be sure to check the entire island for a rare encounter with him.

Wish upon shooting stars

Another activity which can only be done during the night is wish upon shooting stars. During the start of the day, Isabelle will announce if there will be shooting stars happening on a player’s island.

During the night, players can stare in the night sky and wait for meteors to rain down. To wish on the falling star, players will only need to press A as soon as they appear.

Wishing upon these falling stars will summon one of Animal Crossing’s rarest crafting materials – star fragments. These materials are usually found along the beach’s shoreline during the next day.

Featured image courtesy of Tony Vitti/Youtube Screenshot

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