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‘Animal Crossing’ features realistic skin colors in Gillette lookbook


The creativity within the Animal Crossing game is limitless as it features its newest diversified avatars. The characters highlight realistic skin and body types as part of Gillette Razor Summer promotion.

The popularity of Animal Crossing continues to soar high not just among players but also among companies that support self-expression. For one, the long-running Gillette Razor company has recently released an Animal Crossing lookbook that recognizes men and women in their skin colors. Thus, it allows players to choose their preferred skin and body types while playing the game.

With the outbreak of the pandemic and the ongoing Black Lives Matter Movement, Animal Crossing continues to innovate. True enough, the game is a venue for creative players to customize their characters to match the real world.

Gillette Venus releases QR code lookbook

To support women in their journey to self-love, Gillette Venus releases a QR code lookbook that features the not-so-perfect skin. Moreover, the avatars highlight stretch marks, eczema, vitiligo, and other skin problems. Furthermore, players can now choose darker tones, contrary to the previous game series.

On top of that, Gillette Razor’s innovative custom designs acknowledge the importance of self-expression. The new designs feature Animal Crossing characters with acne, wrinkles, prosthetic limbs, and tattoos.

The lookbook has eight in-game skin tones to choose from. Also, it has specific codes and detailed descriptions. Each avatar wears swimsuits or kimonos to show their skin proudly. Thus, the new customized designs will allow players to represent themselves freely in their chosen characters.

With the current demand for body inclusivity in the gaming community, Animal Crossing offers to present the characters in a realistic tone to embrace diversity.

Animal Crossing is a creative landscape

Even from its initial release this year, players have already recreated their favorite game, TV, or movie character into Animal Crossing. For one, the ever-popular, The Avatar: The Last Airbender has been recreated into the game’s framework. Moreover, the modified video intro is similar to the series, featuring the voice of Katara as the narrator. It showcased the game’s characters dressed up as the main characters of the Avatar.

A more recent rendition is the iconic TV series, The Simpsons. YouTube channel, Great bit-Arcade is responsible for the rendition. The intro featured the perfect community of Springfield.

The Simpsons family can be seen running their daily dose of activities. The Simpsons make their way throughout Springfield and arrive at the same time in their home. Waiting in the living room are Tom Nook and Isabelle sitting on their couch.

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