‘Animal Crossing’ guide to catching sea creatures, version 1.3.0 now available

The ocean has finally opened up in Animal Crossing summer update version 1.3.0 patch note. Moreover, players can now catch sea creatures.

Players are now ready to try the newest features included in the summer update on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The island depicts a summer vibe, with crystal clear waters and sea creatures that surround the island.

The June wedding event did not quite make a good impression for some players. Some even lost interest in participating in the seasonal event. Still, others have fallen off the Animal Crossing bandwagon. However, Nintendo is bringing fun mechanics to the game, and this may lure players to come back to their island.

Animal Crossing Version 1.3.0 summer update details 

There are new things to look forward to in the first wave of the summer update. Players will meet new sea creatures, as well as try new activities. Moreover, the update offers new mermaid-inspired furniture crafts. At the same time, players can interact with the new characters namely Pascal, the otter and pirate Gulliver. 

Before the update, fishing is already part of the game, however, players can now do more than just fishing. The island is now home to many sea creatures, including sea stars, sea anemones, spotted garden eel, and scallops. These creatures can then be donated to the museum.

Players can also use a wet suit and go swimming or diving into their island’s vast ocean. Pascal will also interact with players and offer them with brand new mermaid-themed DIY recipes to craft in exchange for scallops. 

Guide on how to catch sea creatures

Before going to the sea, players will have to visit Nook’s Cranny and purchase a wet suit for 3,000 bells. After that, players can then go to the pier and jump into the sea. At this point, bubbles would appear on the surface of the water. These bubbles signify that the sea creatures are now ready for players to collect. 

To collect the sea creatures, players will have to swim toward the bubbles, stay on top of them, and hit Y. And as the player dives into the sea, a shadow will appear. The player’s body must be aligned with the shadow to be able to catch the sea creatures.

There are 40 new sea creatures to collect. Players should watch out for them because like the fish and insects, they are also seasonal.

Nintendo has promised a second wave of summer update

The summer fun on the island is just the beginning. Nintendo will release the second wave of the Animal Crossing summer update in August. 

Image Courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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