‘Animal Crossing’ guide to getting pearls in the summer update

The Animal Crossing summer update has recently arrived. It is bringing lots of activities for the players. Moreover, pearls have been added as a new item that is worth a few Bells.

Nintendo is keeping players busy with its newest features added on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now that the ocean is opening up, there are so many things to do and so many new creatures to catch. On top of that, the family-friendly game is letting players go diving and swimming on the crystal blue waters of the island.

With the new update, there are now 40 new creatures waiting to be collected and donated into the museum. Aside from that, new characters will appear to meet with the players. For one, Pascal, the otter, will interact with players and offer them with brand new mermaid-themed DIY recipes to craft in exchange for scallops.

Pearls are rare items on Animal Crossing

Pearls are newly added items on the game as part of the summer update. The Pearls are rare items in the game. Thus, they will be hard to find. Furthermore, it may take a little effort of swimming before players can find Pearls.

Pearls are important in Animal Crossing because they are used to make DIY recipes. Also, players will be needing pearls to create the newest mermaid-themed items.

Guide on how to get Pearls

Although it is hard to find Pearls on the island, there are two ways on how to acquire them. The first one is to go diving for deep-sea creatures. Pearls are not considered critters. Thus, they can’t be found in the critterpedia.

When players go swimming or diving, there’s always a possibility of catching one when a shadow appears. However, the shadow is not always a guarantee that players will be able to catch Pearls. Furthermore, it takes more effort on the part of the player to get these rare items.

Before going into the ocean, players need to get a wet suit which can be purchased at Nook’s Granny for 3,000 Bells. Players can then go to the edge of the island, tap A and start diving.

The other method on how to catch Pearls is to find scallops. By finding scallops, players can get Pascal to appear on the island. Pascal will offer mermaid-themed DIY recipes or Pearls in exchange for the scallops.

When will Nintendo release the second summer update

Animal Crossing will be getting another summer update. Nintendo has promised to release the patch in August. However, there is no official date of release yet.

Image Courtesy of Release-Fire/YouTube Screenshot

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