‘Animal Crossing hackers’ are selling modified trees that can bear any item

Animal Crossing hackers have found a way to put star fragments in trees. These may be cool looking trees but they come with risks.

Animal Crossing hackers are creating customized trees that can bear star fragments instead of fruits. In the game, star fragments can only be obtained via praying on a wishing star during occasional meteor showers.

Expensive trees

Because star fragments are a rare crafting resource in Animal Crossing, fans got excited them suddenly sprouting in trees. Animal Crossing hackers have been reported to sell these trees to players at a large cost.

On Twitter, players have noticed that the Animal Crossing hackers are selling trees as much as 400 Nook Miles Tickets which is a really expensive price.

Others even charge real money for the hacked trees with prices ranging from $3 (5 AUD) per tree and $50 (75 AUD) for a bundle of 40 trees.

Looking in the same perspective, in-demand villagers such as Audie, Marshal, and Raymond also reach similar prices in the Animal Crossing black market.

Risky investment

However, experts warn that these trees are non-existent in the main game’s code. They are hacked through save editor software and are not made by Nintendo’s developers.

In addition, they don’t work the same as the normal trees in the game. While these hacked trees are pleasing to the eye, they won’t sprout star fragments again once they are harvested.

Players will not be able to farm star fragments like bells and fruits. Putting hacked star fragment trees inside an island can risk the account for a possible ban.

Some players even reported that their save files were corrupted after the hackers placed the star fragment trees on their island.

On Bell Tree Forums, a website dedicated to Animal Crossing fans, players revealed that they sometimes encounter “dead tiles” after the hacked trees are harvested. In other words, players can’t place any other items in the spot where the tree was planted.

Nookazon denounces hack

The good news is not everyone is relying on Animal Crossing hackers to receive star fragments. Players are still willing to farm and trade items like any other crafting material in the game.

Nookazon, a famous but unofficial website for players to trade items, has made it clear that they will not entertain Animal Crossing hackers. The website said that talking to Animal Crossing hackers and the trade of duplicates or hacked items are against their community guidelines.

Featured image courtesy of Vantage_DS/Shutterstock

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