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‘Animal Crossing’ hackers gives away free villagers to fight black market


People are taking advantage of the game by selling villagers for real-life money. As a result, Animal Crossing hackers are starting a free service where they give villagers for free.

Innovative players have made applications and tools to help the Animal Crossing community with the game’s expansive set of features. Recently, Twitter user PokeNinja has gone as far as creating a service made of Animal Crossing hackers to give a free villager of their choice.

Animal Crossing black market

Since the game was released last March, a sort of black market has emerged where people are selling famous villagers. The sellers would ask for massive amounts of Bells, Nook Mile Tickets, and sometimes real-life currency.

The black market abuse was so apparent that even Nintendo itself has commented on the issue. The Japanese gaming giant says they are tracking down these abusive sellers and will penalize them.

PokeNinja has gained popularity after he announced on his Twitter account that he will be hacking villagers and giving them away for free. He revealed that he was doing this because of his disappointment in learning about the idea of players extorting fellow gamers.

Free villagers

Last June 20, PokeNinja started Villager Haven in Discord where Animal Crossing hackers teamed up to provide the service. According to the team, the most requested villagers were Raymond and Judy.

He also announced that if ever the devs ban his Nintendo account, he’d be happy to buy one again and continue giving out free villagers. He said he would happily continue doing this service as long as there are abusive Animal Crossing sellers.

Good hackers

A few days ago, PokeNinja tweeted that his team of Animal Crossing hackers has doubled since it was launched. If their team continues to expand, they will be able to help at least a hundred players per day. He says there is a disgrace in being called a hacker these days. However, he wants to show the good side of hacking through his generous Animal Crossing service.

At this point, the service has grown beyond just hacking. It has become a community of players who are utilizing various methods to hunt down villagers. Whether a villager came from the traditional Mystery Island tours or an expansive Amiibo collection, PokeNinja says that they will continue giving away villagers for free.

The team of Animal Crossing hackers also said that they are also giving away items and Nook Miles Tickets for free as well.

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