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‘Animal Crossing’ MeteoNook tool can predict the island’s weather patterns


Since its release in March, Animal Crossing attracted millions of players. Moreover, a new tool, MeteoNook can predict the island’s weather patterns.

The weather in Animal Crossing changes every hour in which players can experience sunny, clear, cloudy, and even heavy rain and snow. Although the island’s weather is random, there’s a way to determine what the day will look like.

It appears that the game has underlying patterns that the player has to identify to get the right predictions.

Weather patterns are important in Animal Crossing

The weather patterns of the island can influence the game for several reasons. For one, it affects the time as to when certain bugs and fish appear or disappear. When rain or snow appears on the island, players can find the Coelacanths, the rarest fish on the island.

These Coelacanths can be sold for 15,000 Bells. On the other hand, snails also appear on the island. Gamers will find the snails hidden in the bushes. Unfortunately, the butterflies disappear when it rains.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides lots of customizations, allowing players to do creative activities in their own pleasing. While some players need the rain to catch Coelacanths, others need the rain to grow hybrid flowers. Additionally, players will be able to find gyroids after a rainstorm.

The weather condition will also impact the villagers’ emotions when visiting the player’s island. Sadly, rainy weather makes the villagers miserable. On the other hand, the warm weather makes them happy.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons player created the MeteoNook tool

A player that goes by the name Ninji deciphered the in-game patterns and created an app to help players predict their island’s weather patterns. Surprisingly, the tool can also predict the exact time of the appearance of meteor showers, rainbows, and the aurora borealis.

The app works by recording the weather data on the island. The player has to track down the weather changes. Once the player correctly records the patterns, the app then figures out the weather seed unique to the island. If the player provides the correct weather patterns, the MeteoNook tool will predict what comes next.

Ninji not only uncovered the weather patterns but has also deciphered the pattern of when villagers move out as well as when special characters appear on the island.

MeteoNook can’t predict the appearance of Celeste

Unluckily, players will not be able to predict the appearance of Celeste as she randomly appears on the island. Celeste’s appearance is not based on the seed, which means players will only see Celeste once in a week.

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