‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ dreamland guide: how to dream, access another island

Animal Crossing: New Horizons dream sequence screenshot

A feature, previously seen in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, is making a comeback with the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update that lets players access the dream suite and visit another player’s island.

In effect, the added content lets players experience first-hand a carbon copy of another player’s landmass while they are offline. Conversely, the same feature presents an opportunity for individual players to showcase their island to others.

The idea of the dream suite is to give other players access to another person’s island without causing anything untoward in that isle. Particularly concerning unruly players who are disorderly and prefer ransacking stuff in their wake.

The Requirements

To access the dream suite, players must first be an active subscriber of the Nintendo Service Online and access to Luna’s bed. Intuitively, players who are thinking of trying the feature has to be online every single time.

Players who are up-to-date with the Summer 2 update should not find the latter a problem as it’s part of the update implementation. Like previous game update, the item comes as a reward after a successful update to the latest version.

Entering the Dreamland

Using the dream suite is a simple process of going to sleep using Luna’s bed. First-time users would anticipate a meetup with a tapir, Luna, who will facilitate the dream-like visit to another island.

Like flying to someone else’s island, visiting another’s territory in a dream-like state requires a specific address. This “dream address” consists of a 12-digit code, preceded by the letters “D” and “A.”

Naturally, to get into someone’s island, you would either have to get a dream address from somebody you know. Otherwise, you can resort to going to the internet, like forums or social media, and finding one openly from there.

What’s in a Dream Island?

There’s nothing much to do in a dream island than to marvel at another player’s creation. While players have the freedom to explore every nook and cranny in someone’s atoll, that’s all there is to it.

The idea is simply to get inspiration from someone else’s work and not affect it in any way while in a visit.

Leaving a Dream Island

In as much the same way as the player enters a dream island, the exit to it is the same. Players need only return to the bed where they entered an island from. Doing so will prompt a scene where Luna has to wake you from a state of sleep and return to the real world.

Should you find something inappropriate on the island you’re visiting, press the “-” to file a report.

Share Your Island

If by chance, you find yourself keen on the idea of demonstrating your creative work, you can choose to upload your island. You can do so by choosing to sleep in Luna’s bed and, then, opting to “share a dream.”

Image used courtesy of GameSpot Trailers/YouTube Screenshot

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