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‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Fall update: Biggest predictions so far


Animal Crossing New Horizons skipped out on a major update this September, but it seems like Nintendo is going to make it up soon. After teasing a fall update, fans are trying to guess what’s to come.

A new Animal Crossing New Horizons update is just around the corner, says Nintendo. Here are a few fan guesses as to what will be included in the update.

New character

Nintendo has introduced a few new characters to the series in recent updates. For instance, there was Pascal, who was added along during the July update, which added swimming to the game. Since the fall update will most likely be Halloween themed, players expect a spooky visitor to accompany Wisp at night.


The game’s files have revealed that players will be able to farm crops like potatoes and carrots in the game soon. A lot of the leaked game files have been eventually added to the game. For instance, the swimming mechanics and the dream suite are now a part of the game months after being leaked in the datamine.

Introducing the new farming mechanics is going to fit perfectly with the fall update. Players suggest that they may be able to plant pumpkins starting next month, which they can use for the Halloween decor in the game.

Adding new farming mechanics to Animal Crossing New Horizons will be a first for the series, and fans are excited about it. If the feature is indeed added to the game, the players are also expecting the cooking mechanics that were leaked to be added shortly after.

Halloween decor

Of all the suggestions for the fall update for the game, this is the most likely. Nintendo is going to add a ton of new Halloween decor to the game. This will allow players to decorate their island with spooky stuff. Beyond this, fans are also expecting a Halloween celebration to happen on the island too.

As this is the Halloween season, it will be easy for the developers to incorporate a new event that perfectly fits the theme. Fans are hoping that the villagers will be able to participate and that they’ll be roaming around the island with costumes on as well.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons fall update will drop a few days from now, and players can’t help but get all excited. Fans are expecting a new trailer within the next days, so it would be best to tune into Nintendo’s social media channels for direct updates.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo

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