‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ features a detailed KFC-inspired island

animal crossing new horizons

KFC opens a new branch inside Animal Crossing New Horizons. Lucky players can also win a free bucket of fried chicken by visiting the island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons players who are craving for a fried chicken now has a virtual restaurant inside the famous Nintendo game.

With the coronavirus still in full swing, the food industry is one of the most affected businesses in the world. People are forced to stay at home because the government is imposing social distancing and lock-downs. This leaves most restaurants closed and empty.

However, KFC Philippines might have figured out a temporary fix to this problem thanks to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Putting up the virtual restaurant

KFC Philippines collaborated with an advertising company, Ogilvy, to launch a new digital fast food restaurant inside Animal Crossing.

Ogilvy made the island look cool by adding amazingly detailed features and KFC-inspired rooms. The special island now contains an expansive fully furnished fast food restaurant that has tables, chairs, a kitchen, and the Colonel himself.

An intricately designed kitchen is one of the main attractions of the KFC island. Consequently, the virtual restaurant looks like it is ready to dish out those finger-licking’ good KFC fried chickens.

The KFC Facebook moderators prepared fun games for all the lucky fans. There are 11 special spices and herbs hidden around the island and the player who finds the most will win an exclusive price.

Free bucket of chicken

The best part of the visit is that players can win a real bucket of fried chicken delivered right in front of their doors. However, they must first find Colonel Sanders who is hiding on the island.

After the challenge is completed, the lucky player will receive a code that can be used to claim a free 8-piece fried chicken bucket. This promo should improve engagements for the fast-food chain as well as for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The KFC Philippines Facebook page revealed that they will be giving out unique Dodo codes daily. However, only the first 20 people who commented on the post of the day will be given the chance to visit KFC island.

Video games as marketing platforms

The restaurant is an example of a brand recognizing the extent of video games as an authentic marketing platform. The collaboration between Animal Crossing and KFC will make other major brands more comfortable in marketing their products with extremely famous video games.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has proven that the video game industry can potentially hold billions of dollars in revenues. The thinning line between video games and reality only means that great things are coming.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendopolis/YouTube Screenshot

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