‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ free Summer Update 2 revealed

The addition of swimming in a few Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update last month was a big surprise to fans. Now, we just got a glimpse of the next major update for the game, and it’s once again free.

Nintendo just revealed a new trailer for the upcoming second wave of updates for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Like last month’s update, the new one will come with a ton of new features that fans surely wouldn’t want to miss. The update launches on July 30, and here’s everything we know so far.

Fireworks display

Every Sunday in August, players can begin watching a fireworks display at night. This will surely lighten up their island during those cold nights. Redd will be the one in charge of the event, and players can talk to him for some goodies. What’s great is that players can launch their custom design as fireworks.

There might be some exclusive items to grab during this event, so players should try and participate every Sunday. Hopefully, Redd becomes more active this time as compared to when he was just selling some fake and original goods.

Dream Suite

The Dream Suite was a loved feature in Animal Crossing New Leaf. In it, players are put into a dream state and visit the islands of players. Players can have the island chosen for them at random. They can also ask to visit certain islands by inputting a code.

In the Animal Crossing New Horizons version of Dream Suite, players can activate it by going to bed. There, they’ll be visited by a Tapir named Luna, and they can begin visiting other islands.

Save backup restoration

The long-awaited feature to have a backup and save backup restoration has been added to the game. This is a key feature as some players have lost progress due to a bug in the game. Now, they can get back their islands, if they have a backup ready. Players can play the game worry-free.

The trailer also teases that another update is coming. It’s due next fall, and based on the icon in the trailer, it’s all about Halloween this time around.

The next Animal Crossing New Horizons update launches in a few days. In preparation, players should have more space on their Switch, but we’re sure that it won’t take up much to have the update installed.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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