Animal Crossing: New Horizons meets Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures with these cool outfits

'New Horizons Meets Jojo's Bizarre Adventures' with this Josuke costume

With the influx of anime IPs making their way into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it is no wonder that new entries are coming. Previously, we have discussed how Naruto made a special entrance to the game by way of fan-made costumes.

However, this fascination in bringing anime characters does not seem to be going anytime soon. Just now, a new anime joined New Horizons with these amazing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures costumes.

A Popular But Niched Anime

If you have not heard of this anime title, then you are probably among those who see the IP as a niche. That is fine and good. We have all our varying preferences.

Yet, there’s no denying that there are also the fans who adored the franchise, not just for its anime—but for virtually every product that comes from it. If you are indeed an aficionado, then these Animal Crossing costumes will definitely fit your tastes, as far as seeing some familiar aesthetics.

Dio Brando

For a chill game as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the idea of porting a villain in it might be least among people’s imaginations. That may indeed be the case before until this costume of Dio Brando comes around.

While non-fans will have no idea what the costume is about, those who are fans indeed definitely do—as ominous as that sounds like. Love it or hate it, here’s Dio Brando’s costume as seen on Part 3 of the popular anime.

  • Dio Brando: MO-JTL1-60P4-SK03

Joseph Joestar

Like many stories told, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is one with protagonist, partly portrayed with Joseph Joestar.

But what better way to illustrate a character lead than during the prime of his youth through his iconic costume?

  • Joseph Joestar: MO-BPVK-XG54-F249

Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna’s heritage might easily put him into everyone’s watch list as a villain. But despite an unsettling background, Giorno is a protagonist through and through.

So much so that he even led the anime series during its Part 5 route.

  • Giorno Giovanna: MO-5MXY-9M7C-W877

Jolyne Cujoh and Giorno

We have just discussed how Giorno spearheaded the events of the anime series during its Part 5 arc. But this unique protagonist has not seen the end of his story just yet.

He’s made his way to Part 6, which properly revolves around a heroine, Jolyne Cujoh—the first female protagonist to lead in the series.

  • Jolyne Cujoh: MO-YK6Q-T0TY-4JBB
  • Giorno Giovanna: MO-CJRK-PHMF-YCBV


Just another anti-hero to make the list. But nothing as big as Dio Brando.

  • Prosciutto: MO-MFXQ-FKJQ-T20C
  • Prosciutto Facial Detail: MO-5TCG-XRHC-703H

Josuke Higashikata

Possibly the fanciest to be found in the list is Josuke Higashitaka’s costume and facial detail.

And, oh, he’s Jonathan Joestar’s illegitimate child and a series protagonist as well.

  • Josuke Higashitaka: MO-GYV5-XN9F-8B0F
  • Josuke Higashitaka Facial Details: MO-8TB3-2F21-W90F

Giorno (GioGio’s Bizarre Adventure)

A deliberate transliteration of the anime title to which it derives from, this Japan-exclusive PS2 title is one not many knows about.

And, yes, it features Giorno, much to him getting a new look.

  • GioGio: MO-LC0N-24BX-NH1F
  • GioGio Headgear: MO-7DQX-F69G-CGKB

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Kino the Anti-Purist

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