Animal Crossing New Horizons meets Midgar with Final Fantasy 7 themed costumes

Final Fantasy Themed Costumes to Check Out on Animal Crossing New Horizons

Part of the beauty that comes with playing Animal Crossing New Horizons is the freedom to create costumes without limits. One Twitter user has spent the time to get creative and bring the familiar costumes of Midgar into the game.

The Regressor, the said Twitter user, created costumes that are eerily reminiscent of the characters seen in Final Fantasy VII. The Remake version, at least, out of its distinct vividness and acuity.

The ‘Avalanche’ is In

Specifically, he made costumes that are inspired after the characters Barret, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is yet to introduce hairstyles that would perfectly complement each costume. But the costumes, for what they are at the present, are nothing short of amazing.

Based on the image shown by The Regressor, it seems none of the available hairstyles truly mimics the characters seen in the RPG title.

‘Cloud’ appears to have a blonde dreadlock, rather than a spiky hair.

‘Barret’ seems to have thicker and longer hair.

‘Tifa,’ while almost getting the hairstyle just right, suffered a little deviation by being a little too wavy instead of straight.

‘Aerith,’ is also close to being impeccable as a rendition, too. But falls short for having tied her hair wrongly. Essentially, accentuating her familiar lengthy bangs as split in between two sides of her face.

To be fair, though, the creator did not explicitly label each character model by actual names. Instead, he used monikers such as ‘Ex-Soldier A,’ ‘Coal Miner A,’ ‘Bar Tender,’ and ‘Flower Girl.’

Fans of Final Fantasy VII, however, would easily catch those name phrases for whom they are pertained to individually.

Costumes Fit for Everyone

Making each costume accessible for everyone, regardless of skin color preference in-game, are variations for each costume. This means that fair in complexion or not, there is the right kind of costume to wear that somewhat resembles a familiar character.

Otherwise, issues of disparity, such as showing Cloud or Tifa’s exposed white skin on a colored avatar, will appear. Which, while amusing, might find by others to be rather distasteful.

Aficionados of Final Fantasy VII or not, there is no reason not to like these costumes, considering they’re being given away for free. The Regressor himself had already placed the necessary effort to tweet the codes for everyone to claim.

There are literally tons of other costumes inspired after Final Fantasy out there. All of which adds significant charm to the game. It’s just a matter of trying them out for yourselves and see what fits your fancy.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/The Regressor

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