‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ speculated April 22 update details

'Animal Crossing' Earth Day update coming soon

The Bunny Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons wasn’t as great as players thought it would be as eggs got in the way of fishing, digging, and more. Would the next event be better received?

This April will be special for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players as aside from the Bunny Day celebrations, the Earth Day event will also be taking place during this month as well.

Although Nintendo is yet to reveal when the event will start, fans are speculating that it will fall during April 22 or later, considering that this is the actual date when Earth Day is held. As with the Bunny Day event, Earth Day will bring new furnitures and other exclusive items to islands worldwide.

What to expect from Earth Day

During Bunny Day, players had the chance to find an assortment of DIY recipes with the help of a new character called Zipper T. Bunny. While the recipes were welcomed, players didn’t like the Bunny Day event in general as it messed with other tasks on the island.

For instance, instead of catching fish in the water, players would instead be reeling in water eggs, which are a part of the event. In some of the balloons that pass by the islands, players will be getting air eggs instead of the gifts filled with either Bells, recipes, or furniture.

The reception was so bad with the Earth Day event that Nintendo had to release an update that lessened the frequency of the eggs.

While we don’t know what the mechanics for Earth Day will be like, fans are hoping that it will not mess with the regular activities on their islands. Instead of Zipper T. Bunny, the event will be bringing Leif, the sloth who loves flowers.

From the look of things, most of the DIY recipes to be acquired from this event will feature flowery or eco-friendly themes. Maybe players will get rewarded for planting trees and flowers throughout their island as well.

More content coming?

When Nintendo announced the Earth Day event, it noted that the update “will usher in some newly added features including the Earth Day event,” which suggests that there could be other content coming with the update.

It’s possible that some new structures will be coming to the game as well. According to datamines, an artwork gallery and a cafe could be coming to the game soon. Hopefully, these content come with the Earth Day update as well as players are more than excited to expand their island with more features.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo

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