‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ tips and tricks: Making a rock garden

Aside from DIY Recipes, fishes, and bugs, players are also stocking up on resources in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Finding an efficient way to farm resources can save players a lot of time, which is why many turn to making rock gardens on their island.

The rocks found on islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are essential. When hit, a single rock can spawn clay, stones, gold nuggets, iron nuggets, and even those precious bells. As they are so valuable, some players have created an ingenious way to farm rocks more efficiently.

Creating a rock garden

Creating a rock garden in the game is tedious, and players will have to make a few sacrifices to get it done. First off, players will need to unlock terraforming to make the process easier. They’ll also need a shovel, some fruits, and a 7×5 grid area for the farm itself.

Players should first set up where they want to place the farm’s 7×5 grid area. It would be best to place some markers on the floor as to where the rocks should be so it can be easier to locate later on. Ideally, the rocks will be a space apart from each other so that they will be easier to hit and that they can spawn the max number of resources each time.

Once the farm area is set up, players should eat six fruits so that they can destroy all six rocks on their island. In doing so, the rocks will begin to respawn at a different area the following day. The idea is to force the rocks to respawn at the farm garden.

The next step is to then block off every other area on the island. This is where this Animal Crossing: New Horizons tip gets more tip. 

To do this, players should scatter any object. We found that the easiest way to do so is by placing mannequins on the ground. Players simply need to go to their pro design tool and create a blank canvass which they can then display on a mannequin.

The rocks will not spawn next to any other object. This means players don’t need to place mannequins next to buildings, trees, structures, and other furniture. If done correctly, the rocks will be forcibly spawned at the farm area the following day. Players can then clean up their island.

Is the rock garden worth it?

All the work to create a rock garden is tiring, and it could even take a couple of days. However, having the ability to farm rocks all in one place should make the task worth it. Moreover, since the rocks are enclosed in an area, it would be easier to get the most out of each one since players won’t be pushed away from the recoil.

There are plenty of other tips that players should take note of in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If there’s one that’s the most tiring but rewarding, then the rock garden is definitely it.


Image used courtesy of Vantage_DS/Shutterstock

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