‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ villagers players are paying for

Animal Crossing New Horizons is more about the villagers rather than the island and the players themselves. There are over 400 possible villages to befriend in the game, and some of them are getting more attention than the others.

Due to the game’s online capabilities, it’s now possible to transact with others in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Aside from Bells and Nook Miles Tickets, some players are also willing to spend in-game resources and even real money on the villagers in the game. Here are some villagers that’s the most popular in the Animal Crossing black market.”


Raymond is currently the most in-demand character in the game, and it’s easy to see why. He is one of the newest villagers to be added to the series. He’s a grey cat with different colored eyes and is clad in office-wear. Apart from being cute and unique, Raymond also has a Smug personality, which means he can easily get along with most of the other villagers in the game.

Since he’s a new addition to the game, Raymond doesn’t have an Amiibo card. This means he’s more rare than usual, thus a treasure in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


Marshall is a cream-colored squirrel with a sour look on his face. Despite his unwelcoming facial expression, players can’t help but want for this villager to be a part of their community. Aside from his appearance, players are also longing for Marshall because, like Raymond, he keeps a Smug personality.

The good thing is that Marshall has an Amiibo card. This means that those who want him have other means of getting him on their island. However, because of Nintendo’s Amiibo card shortage, Marshall remains popular in black markets like Nookazon.


Another new addition to the franchise, Audie, is a reddish wolf with a sense of style. Like Raymond, Audie is rare due to her lack of Amiibo card. To make up for her rarity, players are willing to spend bells and money just to get her on their island. While her personality isn’t as great as Raymond’s, her sense of style brings a flair unlike any other on the island.


Chevre is a white goat with a Normal personality. This makes her jive well with most villagers on the island. What makes her in-demand though, is the fact that she’s the only goat character to have been in the series since the very first Animal Crossing. Her deep history in the series makes her a must-have for the fans of the series.

These Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers are beloved by many. Players who have them on their island should treasure them deeply. Or they could sell them off for a profit as well.


Images used courtesy of Vantage_DS/Shutterstock

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