‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ player made his own weed removal service


A gamer made his very own weed removal service in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it is a smash hit!

Animal Crossing player tybat11 had the brilliant idea of making his own business inside the wonderful world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

He started out by posting several adverts for his services on Reddit, which offered to do the weeding done for a small amount.

This unique service is bound to be a hit, especially for Animal Crossing: New Horizon players who prefer focusing on interior decorating than the island as a whole. If you have the money to spend on interior decorating, a little weeding service is nothing for you, right?

His services are one of a kind and the idea, revolutionary

tybat11 posted on Reddit:

“Professional weeder for hire. Experience in weeding even the most overgrown towns…If you have a weed-filled town and need some clean up, I am your man.”

In just a span of days, he has been getting tons of job requests for his services and it indeed shows the many things you can do in-game besides what is already offered.

From all the popularity the service is getting, tybat11 now created his own company in-game called WeedCo, which is currently looking for new recruits after they pass the general orientation course. Sweet!

The course is straight forward but still tons of fun and work to be put in. The trainee has to learn skills like checking behind cliffs and trees as well as precision weed-picking in flower beds.

Once the trainee passes the exams, he or she gets rewarded with their very own WeedCo uniform which signifies that they work and are affiliated with the virtual company.

I started a Weed Removal service and demand was huge! I needed to hire a new employee. Here’s some highlights from WeedCo’s employee orientation. Plus we have uniforms! from AnimalCrossing

What is WeedCo planning for the future?

With the growing size of tybat11’s company WeedCo, the services have also expanded. With flower watering now offered “upon request.”

All the weeds that have been picked are currently sitting in storage, which might look like a very own jungle of his own making if you think about it.

So, if ever you do need to hire WeedCo, do not worry yourself since we’ll be linking tybatt11 as well as essjane over on Reddit. Regardless if they ask nothing in return, it is only common courtesy to pay them even a little sum that you think is acceptable given if you’d be the one doing the job for others.

Also, here’s a short video in what WeedCo can offer for your entertainment:

Image used courtesy of BagoGames/Flickr

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