Animal Crossing player creates ‘Catalog Island’ for everyone

Animal Crossing player creates 'Catalog Island' for everyone

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a slow-paced game. Getting all the items in the Nook’s Cranny takes a lot of time as well.

Luckily, cataloging items allow players to obtain several items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Cataloging allows players to purchase an item through Tom Nook’s store. The catalog store shows all the items gathered in-game.

This has been a workaround for players in order to obtain wanted items. Several players even host a catalog day. Players visit another island and catalog as many items as they want.

More than three months of work

The “Catalog Island” was created by the Twitter user, @Jaiofeden. She is giving every player a chance to visit the island as long as they follow the set of rules.

The rules are easy to achieve though. Just follow her two accounts then like and retweet the main tweet.

According to Jaiofeden, it took her three months to complete all the in-game items. She needed another three weeks to organize her island.

The best catalog party in Animal Crossing

The island is one of the best catalog parties made in New Horizons. Every section is carefully arranged. It is also divided into the purpose of the item.

Jaiofeden tweeted a map of her island to serve as a guide to visiting users.

The left side of the map caters to the miscellaneous items, kitchen heaven, and all wall-mounted items. The top left houses the resident services, villager houses, museums, and other essential buildings.

Going straight through the map is the location of the restroom items. It also has the musical instruments section, school, electronics, and bear items.

The top-most part of the map is where all the gym equipment and arcade games are located. The bedroom, flooring, wallpaper, and all K.K. Slider songs are on the right side of the map.

What’s interesting is Jaiofeden even included the posters for all the villagers.

Animal Crossing catalog island map

Future update coming soon

The map is already massive and filled with all items inside the game. However, there is one section missing.

Saharah’s items are still incomplete. The Saharah-exclusive rugs, flooring, and wallpapers will be added to the island in the near future.

It is still unsure if Gulliver and Wisp items are already on the map. But so far, it is the most in-depth collection available.

How to get into the island?

As mentioned earlier, Jaiofeden has some rules to enter the island. It is easy to follow those rules. However, getting in might take some time.

The island owner only allows four visitors at a time. Visitors are selected at random.

Dropping by the island is getting tougher each day, however. The tweet currently has more than 1,300 likes and retweets. That is the number of competitors to enter the island as well.

There is another qualification to visit the island.

According to Jaiofeden, users must have a Twitter profile picture and must have followers. A genuine account also adds to the credibility of the visitor.

This rule was added to curb item stealing. It is also her way of monitoring island visitors.

Positive feedback so far

A lot of visitors tweeted their experience on the island. Majority of those shared their positive experience.

Here are some of their tweets.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still on a roll months after its release. The July update introduced ocean swimming. New creatures were also added in-game.

All images used courtesy of Jaiofeden/Twitter

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