‘Animal Crossing’ players can join Hellmann’s Canada food charity drive

Animal Crossing is not just a gaming platform that entertains people during the pandemic. But it has become a venue for business promotions. True enough, Hellmann’s Canada is turning spoiled turnips into real food charity drive.

With more than 11 million players and still counting, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has garnered positive remarks. Just recently, it became the second best-selling game in Japan, next to Pokemon. Moreover, the game sold over 22 million copies worldwide.

Because of its customization options, players have used the platform to recreate their favorite characters, movies, and even other games. To recall, some of the games that were made into the Animal Crossing framework include Persona 5, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. Meanwhile, players have also created the iconic Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Simpsons. Thus, there’s no end when it comes to the game’s creativity.

Hellmann’s Canada initiates charity drive

Animal Crossing players can now make use of their spoiled turnips, instead of just throwing them away. Hellmann’s Canada, the brand that introduced the successful mayonnaise in North America, is helping the Second Harvest Canada to feed the hungry.

Now, the big company is expanding Animal Crossing’s social activities in an inventive food charity drive. Hellmann’s Canada announced the charity initiative on its official Twitter account. Players who want to participate in the food drive are most welcome.

How do players participate in the food drive?

Animal Crossing players can simply drop their rotten turnips in Hellmann’s island in the game. However, players must first request a dodo code from Hellmann’s Canada on Twitter to reserve a spot on the island. Players can participate from August 17- 21, from 3:00 PM EST to 12:00 AM EST.

The goal of the charity food drive is to give 25,000 meals, which is already a worthy cause during the pandemic. The food drive, however, is not supported by Nintendo, but the popularity of the game is something that can do good for others.

Animal Crossing has helped promote self-expression

The game has recently been working with Gillette Razor to promote the importance of self-expression. The long-running Gillette Razor company has recently released an Animal Crossing lookbook that recognizes men and women in their skin colors.

The lookbook features characters with flawed skins and imperfect body types. Furthermore, has eight in-game skin tones to choose from, as well as specific codes and detailed descriptions. Players can now represent themselves freely. At the same time, there will be options to choose darker skin tones.

Image Courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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