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‘Animal Crossing’ recreated into IKEA 2021 furniture catalog


Animal Crossing has become quite popular in several companies and organizations. IKEA, in particular, has just created its 2021 furniture catalog featuring the game’s characters.

For months now, Animal Crossing is getting more attention as millions of players are actively playing the laid-back simulation game. Furthermore, the game allows anyone to create an idealistic island life, decorate homes, and visit friends’ islands too.

To date, the game has sold more than 11 million copies. On top of that, Animal Crossing is currently the second best-selling Nintendo Switch game in Japan. With its acclaimed success, more companies and organizations are joining the game’s bandwagon. Furthermore, it’s not a surprise if the game will continue to appear in catalogs, clips, and promotions in other companies.

Recently, Gillette Razor has also incorporated the game into its latest promotion. It features the game’s characters in different skin colors and flaunting their imperfect skins and bodies. Thus, the game also promotes the importance of self-expression.

Also, Hellmann’s Canada used the game to initiate food charity drive. Players can exchange their spoiled turnips into real food. As a result, Hellmann’s Canada can provide 25,000 meals through Second Harvest Canada.

IKEA Taiwan catalog 2021 features the iconic Animal Crossing

IKEA, the Swedish furniture manufacture, is one of the world’s largest furniture retailers. Moreover, IKEA is known for its massive stores, and off-course as well as unique layouts. But, linking with the family-friendly game would presumably open opportunities for the company. And now, it’s using Animal Crossing to increase its presence in the consumer community.

The IKEA Taiwan 2021 catalog features the game’s iconic characters. The Adorable characters can be seen sitting on IKEA furniture. It also features the several iconic villagers of the game. IKEA also crafted similar New Horizons styles, including articles of clothing of the characters.

Meanwhile, there is no official IKEA furniture recreated into the Animal Crossing framework. But, the Animal Crossing catalog is already admirable because of its impressive advertisement style.

IKEA has linked with other video games in the past

However, this is not the first time that IKEA partnered itself with a video game company. To recall, the furniture manufacturer launched the IKEA VR Experience in 2016. The VR Experience is an interactive kitchen simulator, accessible and downloadable on STEAM for free.

Animal Crossing is a creative platform

Animal Crossing is not a game, but a platform to create just anything. Just recently, players have crafted their favorite restaurants in the game. Because the game provides massive customization techniques, players can use DIY crafts to transform their island home.

Image Courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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