‘Animal Crossing’ update features minor adjustments and inventory management

An Animal Crossing update has been released, which contains minor adjustments, including an additional feature from the Dodo Airlines.

A new Animal Crossing update is now available, but it doesn’t have any major adjustments in the game. According to Nintendo’s support website, the 1.2.1 patch only addresses minor issues.

The patch notes didn’t contain the specific adjustments. However, one of the issues fixed was the item duplication bug.

Installing the update

Players must first install the new Animal Crossing update to play the game online. If the update isn’t set to automatic installation, players can do it manually by highlighting the icon on the Switch’s dashboard, pressing the plus button on the controller and selecting software update.

Inventory management

Aside from fixing the item duplication glitch, Dodo Airlines now has a new service that enables players to ship home or sell items found when exploring Harvey’s or a friend’s island.

When traveling to these islands, Wilbur will inform players that Dodo Airlines is now offering liquidation and item delivery services.

This allows players to send all the items they want back home, so they have more inventory space. The items sent home will be automatically delivered to the home storage. Players won’t have to pay anything to Wilbur for using both services.

The feature was first discovered by NWPlayer123 from a data mine from the game’s previous 1.2.0 version.

Selling terms

However, Wilbur will tell that Dodo Airline’s item selling service comes in partnership with Nook’s Cranny. All items sold to Wilbur are purchased for the same price players would get when selling through the Nook’s Cranny dropbox.

This dropbox allows players to sell any item when the Nook’s Cranny closes at night. However, items sold through the dropbox get a cheaper marked down price.

All the bells made through dropbox selling will automatically go to the player’s bank account on the next day.

Other updates

However, these services by Dodo Airline are not available when visiting Mystery Islands. This means players will have to settle to their usual luggage when farming tarantulas and scorpions in Mystery Islands.

That’s not all for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Now that June has arrived, the wedding season has officially started in the game.

Throughout the whole month, players can encounter Cyrus and Reese at Harvey’s Island. Players are tasked to help them set their wedding and take anniversary photos.

Helping the couple will make players earn wedding-themed rewards. The Animal Crossing update also allows players to catch new kinds of bugs and fish in their islands.

Featured image courtesy of Mayor Mori/Youtube Screenshot


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