Anne Heche calls Harrison Ford a ‘hero’ for supporting her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres

Anne Heche calls Harrison Ford a 'hero' for supporting her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres

Anne Heche has nothing but wonderful things to say about Harrison Ford.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Anne Heche said that her Six Days Seven Nights co-star was one of the few people that supported her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.

During last week’s episode of Dancing With the Stars, Heche revealed that she was escorted out of the movie premiere after she took DeGeneres as her date to the event. The actress also said that she lost her contract with Fox and couldn’t star in movies for 10 years thereafter.

Anne Heche gushes over Harrison Ford 

Anne Heche gushes over Harrison Ford

During this week’s interview, Heche said that she wouldn’t have starred in Six Days Seven Nights if not for Ford.

“He called me the day after they said I wasn’t gonna get it, because I took Ellen to the [Volcano] premiere, and Harrison Ford, he was a hero. He said, ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn who you’re sleeping with. We’re gonna make the best romantic comedy there is, and I’ll see ya on the set.’ He’s one of my heroes. He fought a battle for me, and I would be on any desert island with him any day. He’s an extraordinary human being,” Heche said.

Anne Heche talks about the revolution she, Ellen DeGeneres were a part of

Anne Heche has been talking about her relationship with DeGeneres in recent months. In August, she told Mr. Warburton magazine that she and her ex-girlfriend were a part of a revolution that created social change. And this wouldn’t’ have been possible if she didn’t fall in love with the comedian.

Heche also said that she’s proud to have been part of a revolution that helped promote equality forward. But the actress also acknowledged that there are still many things that need to have to be done.

“I’ve paved this way for myself, and my honesty had every single thing to do with it. I think every interaction we have should begin with whether or not we can look at and talk to other human beings with 100 percent respect. My answer will always be ‘yes.’ We have to agree that it’s a possibility and that we all deserve it,” she said.

Ellen DeGeneres didn’t get any closure from her ex-girlfriend

Heche and DeGeneres haven’t spoken to each other in years. But it seems their relationship is still amicable today. But following their split in 2000, DeGeneres said that it was the first time that she got her heartbroken.

“t was the first time I ever had my heartbroken. I’d always been the one to leave relationships, and I had been in long-term relationships, and it was the one time I really believed this is forever. I’m going to be with this person forever, and I felt safe and I felt we shared so much together, and it was the first time I’ve had my heartbroken, and it was in a big way because there is no closure,” she said.

Anne Heche and DeGeneres were together for three years.

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