Anthony Davis, Tristan Thompson, Mike Conley highlight NBA 2020 free agency


This year’s NBA 2020 free agency isn’t as star-studded as 2019. The offseason will most likely revolve around Anthony Davis’ decision to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA is set to restart five weeks from now, yet the rumors surrounding the NBA 2020 free agency is already drumming up. This year’s offseason will not be too star-studded similar to the messy yet exciting 2019 offseason.

Nonetheless, this year’s offseason will see familiar names moving to other teams. The decisions will ultimately have to factor in the salary caps, position fits, and rebuilding.

Anthony Davis and the Lakers championship?

The fate of Anthony Davis this offseason still hangs in the balance. It seems like he’s fully committed to getting the Lakers’ next ring, but there is still no certainty to it. He has one more year left in his contract from the Pelicans, and he may decide to let go or pick up his player option from it.

Reports indicate that he will not pick up his player option, but will renegotiate a supermax deal with the Lakers. Given this detail, it seems like Davis may end up sharing the rafters with the Lakers’ all-time greats in the long run.

Tristan Thompson’s future

Tristan Thompson is in a tough spot with the Cavaliers. Unfortunately for him, the team decided to trade for Andre Drummond before the season was postponed. His playing style is almost identical to Drummond’s, and no one can really be sure why the Cavs did such a move.

Nonetheless, Thompson is set to hit free agency, and his fate will be decided by the Cavs’ front office. He may decide to do a sign-and-trade with the Cavs as a goodwill from the team. After all, he has been the team’s glue guy since they won a ring for Cleveland. The 29-year old Canadian center is still serviceable for a center-hungry team.

Mike Conley’s odd 2019 season

Mike Conley was supposed to be the Utah Jazz’s immediate second-leading scorer when he signed with the team. Unfortunately, he seemed to have gotten off on the wrong foot as he struggled to find his rhythm throughout the season. This offseason, he has the option to terminate his contract early.

Based on his performance this year, deciding to stay with the Jazz might be the best bet. Nevertheless, if he is confident enough, he may decide to terminate his contract early to command his final long term deal in free agency.

Gordon Hayward and the small forward log jam

Gordon Hayward is playing his second year of a three-year contract with the Celtics. He has a player option left for 2020, and there’s still no certainty whether he’ll pick it up or not.

The reality is, his position in the Celtics’ roster is odd. The emergence of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown has forced him to be the team’s fourth scoring option. Not only that, but Hayward also shares the same position as the other two players.

In other words, playing them all at the same time dwarfs the teams against opposing power forwards and centers. As such, he may decide to leave and sign with a team where he can provide a bigger impact.

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