Anti-mask customers forced US restaurants to close again

Anti-mask customers forced US restaurants to close again

Despite having the green light to reopen, some restaurants across the U.S. are temporarily closing again in fear of workers getting maltreated by anti-mask customers.

The coronavirus pandemic has yet again brought another trouble to restaurateurs—anti-mask customers.

Recently, workers in several restaurants across the country were attacked by customers who refused to wear face coverings, which is one of the crucial safety protocols to stop coronavirus from further spreading.

In response to some customers’ aggressive behavior, some business owners were left with no choice but to shut their doors again.

Restaurants are shutting dining rooms again

A few restaurants in states like Michigan, Texas, and California have reportedly shut their doors temporarily again. A taco stand based in Los Angeles, for instance, had released a statement addressing the resto’s temporary closure as a response to rude customers harassing employees over the use of face mask.

“Our taco stands are exhausted by the constant conflicts,” the Hugo’s Tacos wrote in a statement posted on Twitter. It also said that “mask is not symbolic of anything” and that the establishment only wants their employees safe and healthy.

Hugo’s Tacos both closed their restaurants in Studio City and Atwater Village.

In San Francisco, a restaurant owned by Yuka Ioroi decided to stop its operations last April 15 but later reopened June 5 after the city released a face mask mandate. Ioroi explained she did it to urge city officials to enforce facial coverings.

The same events transpired in Arkansas and Michigan as well. Halcomb’s Taco Casa in Pocahontas, Arkansas, had also recently announced its plans to close its restaurant again. Mexican Fiesta, which is located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, had also decided to close again.

“Unfortunately, there were multiple events where our staff was disrespected and treated rudely. [..] So we have made the decision of closing our doors to the general public until further notice,” Mexican Fiesta wrote.

Retailers group urge governors to make mask mandatory

Amid the increasing number of anti-mask customers assaulting employees, a retailers group called out and demand governors to mandate facial coverings. It appears that restaurants are not alone in the fight against aggressive anti-mask customers.

On Tuesday, July 7, the Retail Industry Leaders Association wrote a letter asking governors to “require the wearing of mask in public.”

In the letter, the retailers group president Brian Dodge said:

“Retailers are alarmed with the instances of hostility and violence front-line employees are experiencing by a vocal minority of customers who are under the misguided impression that wearing a mask is a violation of their civil liberties. […] We respectfully ask that those governors that have not yet required masks in public to do so immediately.”

The National Governors Association has not commented yet and is said to review the request. As of this writing, only half of the U.S. mandates the wearing of masks while others issued their own guidelines.

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