Anti-Royal Family urges members to renounce titles once Queen Elizabeth II dies

Queen Elizabeth II

An anti-royal family group who opposes the monarchy urges the members to relinquish their titles as soon as possible although Queen Elizabeth II has been the U.K.’s monarch for decades now.

Anti-royal family group continues to slam Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family.

In an interview with, Republic’s CEO claimed that the public does not care about the royal family’s existence anymore.

Per Graham Smith, the monarchy should not continue to reign any further once Queen Elizabeth II passes away.

Republic is a political organization that plans to abolish the British monarchy and shift the government to a democratic republic.

For so many years, the campaigning pressure group opposes Queen Elizabeth II and the whole royal family.

According to the group, they believe that the royal family is only abusing their power, and they do not deserve the positions anymore.

“Why don’t they do themselves a favor and say we are not going to pursue this any further?” the royal critic said. “Have the monarchy until the Queen passes away and then let’s move on and do something different.”

Smith Also Slammed Prince William, Kate Middleton

In the same interview with Express U.K., the CEO further explained how Prince William and Kate fully understand the situation.

In Smith’s eyes, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge know how removing the monarchy would benefit them and the country at the same time.

Instead of holding their offices, he asked them to just go and enjoy their lives as normal people. Smith even said that they could sign Netflix deals before enjoying their own money.

Prince Charles Cannot Be King

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Meanwhile, he shifted his point once again and started slamming Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales, who is now the longest-living heir to the throne, reportedly, would “speed the end” of the Royal Family. Prince Charles becoming King could also result in a very serious crisis, as Smith claimed.

The anti-royalist group even made a film for him titled, The Man Who Shouldn’t be King.

“The monarchy tends to survive because of the Queen and Prince Charles is not as well liked or supported,” he reasoned out. “He is also much easier to challenge and criticize, the problem with him is that he cannot help himself when it comes to interfering with politics.”

However, the public would also face another issue once he becomes the monarch.

According to Smith, the government would immediately change their policies according to what Prince Charles would say in public – which could be truly toxic for everyone.

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