‘Apex Legends’ Aftermarket Collection event is coming

Apex Legends Aftermarket Collection event is coming

Respawn finally dropped the trailer for the upcoming Apex Legends Aftermarket collection event. The new event is launching this October 6.

Every season, Respawn conducts a limited-time collection event. This gives Apex Legends players the chance to snag exclusive skins.

This upcoming event focuses on Halloween-themed outfits for several Legends. However, there are some Legends who look more stunning with their new skins.

 Who’s the best dressed this Halloween?

The trailer showcased the upcoming skins and clearly, there are some winners in the looks department.

First on the list is Octane with the new Legendary Sonic Boom set. The set gives Octane a new look in a flashy blue, pink, and black color scheme.

Moreover, Respawn gives a nod to the Joker with Caustic’s new Killing Joke skin. The upcoming clown set dresses Caustic in classic clown makeup adorned by his gassy experiment.

Lastly, the highly-picked Wraith gets new exclusive skin. The Legendary Void Prowler skin gives Wraith a hoodie with kitty ears. Her new mask over-all attire also reflects her ninja-like abilities.

Revenant’s “beautiful” look might be stunning, but the three are clearly the winner.

Other Legends get their new outfit as well. Wattson gets a blue-themed suit while Gibraltar looks like a member of Guns N’ Roses with his flame-styled skin.

However, the first three mentioned are the must-cop in this season’s event.

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Featured used courtesy of Apex Legends/EA

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