Apex Legends ‘Always Be Closing’ LTM returns next week

Apex Legends 'Always Be Closing' LTM returns next week

Apex Legends is bringing “Always Be Closing Evolved” LTM next week. The game mode is teased as the final event for Season 5.

Respawn announced that the limited-time mode will be back on Apex Legends from August 11-18. The developers introduced the LTM back in January in the “Grand Soiree” event. It has been a fan-favorite since.

Drop hot with Mozambique and Evo Shields

The game mode is pretty straightforward. It ditches the time before the circle closes. The barrier continues to close in from the start instead.

This LTM means that players should always be on the move. It also intensifies battles as the ring poses another problem.

Players usually drop with no weapons or shields. But this time, they are equipped with the infamous Mozambique shotgun and Evo shields.

Apex Legends might move to a different map soon

Apex Legends Season 6 is coming soon

There are several clues in the map hinting the next season is coming. Respawn put up Season 6 teasers on the World’s Edge map across the Sorting Factory.

Previous teasers show that the new season might take place in a different place called “Olympus” on the planet “Psmathe.”

The recent season 5 quest also revealed Ash. The Titanfall 2 character is expected to be the new legend.

However, there are speculations that Ash might just be the new announcer. A different character may arrive to be the next legend.

Apex Legends developers are known for misleading its players when it comes to leaks. Who knows what they are planning this time.

Images (1) (2) courtesy of Apex Legends/EA

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