‘Apex Legends’ ‘Always be Closing’ LTM starts today

'Apex Legends' 'Always be Closing' LTM starts today

Apex Legends is nearing the end of its season 5. But, the game has one more event for its players. The limited-time mode “Always be Closing Evolved” starts today.

Players will be playing the battle royale as usual. However, there is one twist to this Apex Legends game mode. Always be Closing means that the circle continues to move at the start of the match.

This is not the first time that this game mode is made available. It was previously introduced during the Apex Legends “Grand Soiree” event back in January.

But, Respawn added a different mechanic on its return today.

Players drop with a Mozambique gun and an Evo Shield at the start of the match. This means that the killing spree starts immediately. It also means that team fights shall start early into the game.

This game mode runs until August 18. It ends as the Apex Legends season 6 “Boosted” starts.

Apex Legends season 6 coming soon

Rampart skills teased with new hop-up

Rampart, the season 6 legends, has not been fully revealed yet. Her skills and abilities are all speculations at the moment.

However, Respawn has introduced a new hop-up in this LTM. It is called “graffiti hop-up” and attaches to the Spitfire.

This hop-up allows players to reload faster and increases mag size. It also allows players to shoot paint graffiti while shooting. Players have several paint color options to choose from as well.

There are speculations that the hop-up is temporary and will not make it to the main game mode. It is Respawn’s way of teasing Rampart’s passive ability.

Based on data mined leaks, Rampart’s passive include a faster reload time. Her using Spitfire also increases the mag size by default as it is supposed to be her primary weapon.

Apex Legends season 6 Boosted is coming up. Expect more details in the following days.

Images used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube Screenshot

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