‘Apex Legends’ Armed and Dangerous event is back

Apex Legends Armed and Dangerous event is back

Apex Legends brought back the Armed and Dangerous LTM as part of its September soiree. Previous legendary skins from the Grand Soiree are also back for players to buy.

Respawn announced that it will bring back several LTMs this September every week. Last week, the Apex Legends LTM was the King’s Canyon After Dark mode.

The Armed and Dangerous LTM is a unique game mode that limits the available weapons for players. Only shotguns and snipers are available for grabs.

Despite having two weapons, this game mode brings in a lot of fun in a challenging way. Not everyone is good with snipers and shotguns so it is a great way to practice these two weapons as well.

Exclusive legendary skins are back in store

The Armed and Dangerous event brought back limited edition legendary skins. The Grand Soiree bundle includes skins for Octane, Pathfinder, Wattson. Bloodhound has a rare event-limited skin as well.

There are two legendary weapon skins included in the bundle. The Endless Countdown Spitfire skin and the Golden Arrow Hemlok skin. The rare Style Points G7 Scout and Red Tiger R99 skin are also included in the bundle.

The Grand Soiree bundle is available for 6,000 Apex Coins. But if that is a hefty sum, the separate Wattson bundle includes the Golden Arrow Hemlok and Silver Age Wattson skin for 2,500 Apex Coins.

Meanwhile, the Pathfinder bundle includes the SRVN MRVN Pathfinder skin with the rare Bloodhound, R99, and G7 Scout skins. It is available for 2,500 Apex Coins as well.

Bangalore fans may take advantage of the sale if they want to cop the Viceroy legendary Bangalore skin. The 4,000 Apex coins bundle includes two legendary Apex packs and 45 rare Apex packs.

The Apex Legends September event is not ending here. There will be more surprises coming in next week.

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