‘Apex Legends’: Bloodhound and Crypto getting new skill soon

Apex Legends Season 5 brought a lot of new changes to the popular battle royale, including a new character and a massive map overhaul. However, it seems like there will be more tweaks coming within this season.

The legends in Apex Legends are always subject to change. In fact, Mirage recently got a much-needed overhaul, which made the fan-favorite more useful in King’s Canyon and World’s Edge again. Respawn Entertainment is once again working on changing some of the heroes, but the next focus is on two popular recon heroes.

Crypto and Bloodhound to get new skill

A prominent dataminer in the community of the game recently discovered that recon type legends Bloodhound and Crypto are going to get a new skill in the game. It’s not an entirely new skill as it’s something that Pathfinder mains have had access to since the beginning of the game.

From the look of things, it seems like Respawn Entertainment is going to give Bloodhound and Crypto the ability to use Survey Beacons in the game. Survey Beacons are interactable objects that, when used, will reveal the location of the next ring. This is an important skill to have, considering players can plan ahead once they know the location of the next ring.

Putting this skill on Bloodhound and Crypto is a great buff. Moreover, it would make them more suitable as recon heroes now as they can scout ahead of the circle. 

Survey Beacons are typically found in high places, which can be accessed easily by Pathfinder thanks to his grappling hook and zipline. However, Crypto and Bloodhound mains will have to work a bit harder to put those survey beacons to good use.

Pathfinder mains worried?

Pathfinder mains in the Apex Legends are worried about the buff to the two other recons in the game. Pathfinder recently got nerfed this season as the cooldowns of his skills have been significantly increased. Whereas Bloodhound and Crypto got buffs on their cooldowns.

By giving Bloodhound and Crypto access to Pathfinder’s unique ability, this would make the legend feel less useful in battles. The good thing is that despite the nerfs, Pathfinder’s zipline remains to be an essential skill in the game.

The legends in Apex Legends are dynamic in the sense that they get nerfs and buffs every once in a while. However, players aren’t always happy with the changes that come to their favorite heroes. For now, Bloodhound and Crypto mains are exciting, whereas Pathfinder mains remain concerned.


Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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