‘Apex Legends’ Boosted Battle Pass introduces new skins

Apex Legends Boosted Battle Pass introduces new skins

Apex Legends Boosted is launching today together with an all-new battle pass. This season welcomes the arrival of holo-sprays as well.

Respawn dropped the Apex Legends Boosted battle pass trailer showcasing the new looks of different legends. The most notable skins were of Pathfinder and Bloodhound.

The latest legend, Rampart, gets her own set of skins as well.

Apex Legends Boosted brings new Rampart skins

Apex Legends will also have a new feature soon. “Holo-sprays” are coming this season. These little markers pop up a hologram with different images. It is the game’s counterpart of sprays in CS: GO.

G7 Scout, Pathfinder, and Bloodhound takes the spotlight

The upcoming battle pass offers a lot of skins for different Legends. However, the “Built for Speed” Pathfinder skin and the “Road Warrior” Bloodhound skin is the best one so far.

Apex Legends Boosted bloodhound skin

Leveling the battle pass to 100 rewards players with the Hypersonic reactive G7 Scout skin. There is also a Sentinel skin that matches the Built for Speed color scheme.

The previous gameplay trailer shows Mirage several weapon skins. These skins will most likely appear on this season’s battle pass as well.

As mentioned earlier, there are holo-sprays arriving in-game. Each legend has its own set of holo-sprays available.

Holo sprays are coming

However, the battle pass does not end there.

There are additional music packs, jump drive emotes and loading screens included as well.

The Apex Legends Boosted is launching today. Surely, it brings a whole lot more into the table for new and old players.

Images (1) (2) (3) (4) courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube Screenshot

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