‘Apex Legends’ Boosted map might still be World’s Edge

Apex Legends Boosted map might still be World's Edge

Apex Legends season 6 is arriving in less than a week. “Boosted” will introduce a new legend and a new weapon. But, a new map might not be the case.

Several Apex Legends teasers are pointing towards “Olympus” as the new arena. However, Respawn has sent an email debunking the new map update.

The speculations of a new map started during the season 5 quest “The Broken Ghost.” The last part of the quest shows Ash from Titanfall 2. She mutters the words, “Welcome to Olympus,” and the hype for a new map went up.

Respawn clarifies Season 6 changes

The developers have sent a teaser email last June 12. The message contains promotional materials for the next season.

These include the new legends Rampart and Volt – the new weapon. However, the email has not disclosed any details about an upcoming map.

Instead, one particular line in the message talked about a “revamped map.”

This might mean that the World’s Edge will undergo some changes once again. Previous teasers pointed out that there are some sites on the map may change.

Apex Legends teaser are confusing at times

This email may be an attempt by Respawn to hide the fact that Olympus is coming.

Respawn is good at confusing its player base. This is evident during the Season 4 reveal of Revenant.

Leaks of “Forge” came out back in season 3. This is meant to confuse data miners and leakers on who the real Legend is.

The developers even made it to the point of creating a fake introduction video of Forge. Ultimately, Revenant killed Forge on the spot thus introducing him as the real legend.

That being said, Olympus may still be arriving next season. Apex Legends Boosted is just a few days away. All questions may be answered by then.

Featured image used courtesy of Apex Legends/EA

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