‘Apex Legends’ brings back King’s Canyon: After Dark map

Apex Legends brings back King's Canyon: After Dark map

Apex Legends is bringing back King’s Canyon: After Dark map for a limited time this week. It is part of the September Soiree event this season 6.

The first Apex Legends LTM for the month is supposed to be Dummies Big Day. However, Respawn placed King’s Canyon: After Dark due to a game-breaking bug discovered on Dummies Big Day.

Respawn is currently fixing Dummies Big Day and might be moved towards the end of the Soiree event.

At the moment, players may enjoy the pre-season 5 King’s Canyon bag with all the exciting points of interest back. Thunderdome and Skull Town is back to provide a messy battleground.

Bug still present on the LTM

Several players reported bugs upon the release of King’s Canyon: After Dark update. The bugs were posted on the official Apex Legends subreddit.

Players encountered a bug wherein the Ready Up button would disappear after selecting the new game mode.

Some players also reported that they played the game once and the game mode is gone. Another user commented that it lasted for 10 minutes and it is now unplayable.

Respawn has not posted any updates regarding the bugs reported yet. But if they want to make this Apex Legends September event viable, they have to fix it soon. Or else, it is already a 0-2 for them following the Dummies Big Day server issue.

Images used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube Screenshot

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