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‘Apex Legends’ bugs found in the recent update


Players are very busy with the new things that are in Apex Legends Lost Treasures, but not everyone is having a good time. There are a few bugs that ruin the experience, and players want a fix fast.

Some bugs and glitches made their way into Apex Legends with the Lost Treasures update. This means that aside from the new skins and other cosmetic items, players will also be facing a few issues along the way. Here are the most common bugs found in the current build of the game.

Challenge Points stuck

One way to earn rewards in the new event is by completing a set of challenges and earning some points. However, many players are complaining that their progression isn’t being recorded in the game. Since the event is only up for a limited time, this poses a big problem for players.

‘I am not receiving points for my lost treasures. I have the 100 kills and respawn 15 teammates badges, but my points are stuck at 1000 since yesterday when the event went live. My friend’s challenges reset, and he’s at 1200 now,’ says one player.

Some report that the bug has already been fixed, and this is good news as players can now participate in the event without issues.

Wraith skin issue

One of the skins that players can collect in the new Apex Legends Lost Treasures event is the Marble Goddess skin of Wraith. As expected, the skin is an instant hit with fans, but there are problems with this cosmetic that fans want to be fixed immediately.

According to players, their hits on Wraith with this skin are not registering properly. The good thing is that Respawn Entertainment has already provided a hotfix to remedy the issue for a while.

Server and audio issues

These have been around even before the update, but players are reporting that there are more server and audio issues in the game. Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment gets to fixing these issues as these are preventing players from enjoying the fun new content in the game.

The server audios have been very persistent since the update. This is most likely because there’s an influx of players dropping in the game while the event is live.

The recent Apex Legends update comes with both good and bad things. The good news is that Respawn Entertainment is clearing those bad things through hotfixes.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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