‘Apex Legends’ bunkers are about to open soon says leak

Today’s top battle royales are all about secret vaults and bunkers, and it seems like Apex Legends is the next game to try out this gimmick. Moreover, the bunkers in the game might be opening soon.

The fifth season of Apex Legends has been successful so far thanks to radical changes to King’s Canyon, the introduction of Loba, and many other changes in the game. It seems like Respawn Entertainment is far from ending the surprises as there are other things being planned for the game.

Bunker doors opening soon

There were a lot of map changes to King’s Canyon with the introduction of the fifth season in the game. While most changes were readily available and explorable, players were curious about the huge bunker doors that were built within the cliffs on the maps.

According to recent datamines, these bunkers will open soon, and they will be a hotspot for loot hunters. Prominent community dataminer Shrugtal discovered that the four Terminal Stations in the game would open over a week, and it will begin on June 16. Once the doors open, players are expected a lot of heavy firefights on this side of Apex Legends.

There are predetermined pieces of loot within each of the areas. Terminal F-85 Station which opens on June 16 to 23, will have a Legendary Knockdown Shield. Terminal Station W-73 will be opening on June 23-30, and it will have a Golden Prowler. Terminal Station O-240 will be opening on June 30 to July 7 and will have a Golden Sentinal. Lastly, Terminal Station L-19, which opens on July 7 to 14 will have the Golden Havoc.

Other discoveries

Looking at the labels on the terminals, it looks like it’s just some random numbers. However, some players have discovered that the letters can be arranged to spell WOLF. If may just be a simple Easter Egg for Loba who has been added during the fifth season of the game.

As players know, Loba’s primary utility in battle is to steal loot from enemy squads. It seems fitting that the loot-filled bunkers will have an Easter Egg for her.

Lastly, Shrugtal says that there will be a bunker that’s related to one of the quests in season five. It’s likely that the bunker will be the stage for one of the missions.

Apex Legends is keeping up with other battle royales through teases and map changes. We’re likely to see more things coming to the game during the upcoming EA Play Live stream.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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