‘Apex Legends’ Champion Edition announced as Switch version gets rating

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is about to hit the Switch pretty soon and players are already excited. However, there’s an even bigger announcement that players should be happier for.

Apex Legends has been one of the most popular battle royales out there. The game continues to expand with each season. Moving forward, there will be bigger additions to the game. First and foremost, however, fans should expect the highly anticipated Switch version as well.

Switch version rated

Just recently, the Switch version of the game has been given a T for teenagers rating by the ESRB. While this doesn’t say a lot, it basically means that the game will be launching for the console pretty soon. As the end of the sixth season approaches, it’s likely that Respawn Entertainment will introduce the new Switch version for the beginning of season seven.

In terms of an actual release date, all Respawn Entertainment has to say is that the Switch version will launch in Fall 2020. At least they’ve guaranteed that the new version will launch this year.

Special new edition

In other news about the game, Respawn Entertainment has just revealed Apex Legends Champion Edition.

The Champion Edition is basically a deluxe edition of the game. It’s a special package for those that are just jumping into the battle royale. Of course, those who have been playing for years may want to get this package as it comes with a ton of great goodies.

By buying the Champion Edition, players will receive seven exclusive Legendary Skins. These will come in the form of three skins for the Legends, three skins for guns, and one gun charm. On top of that, players will have an added 1,000 Apex coins to their accounts, which is just enough to get the battle pass.

Lastly, players will instantly have access to the upcoming season seven Legend as well. Respawn Entertainment has launched other versions of the game before. However, this new Champion Edition is the one that comes with the most goodies. Players are sure to grab this if they are big fans of the game.

Apex Legends Champion Edition is certainly a must for those who are big fans of the game. While the game is free, the freebies that come with this new version are hard to come by in the battle royale already. Fans would like to see more of this soon.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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